07 outubro, 2011

Mais uma novidade do Passo para você

La belle Paparazzi

Massa de pizza, mozzarella de búfala, aspargos frescos, camarões empanados e pesto de rúcula selvagem!!

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  1. A Fantastic palace, finely restored, charming and with great style. great garden, amazing if you eat there at lunch, very tasty pizza (i'm italian, trust me!) with a huge choice of tastes and some interesting local variation on the theme. The pizza is the tipical roman version (the thin and crusty one, the neapolis is usually thick and soft). They also have a chopp (the tipical beer on the draft) especially brewed for the restaurant! Staff is really friendly. As an italian I felt a bit ashamed to go and eat pizza , but after five days of comida minehira we needed a break! And we were really happy with it!! They also have a supercool takeaway, if you don't get hit by One of the driver while walking on the road with your belly full of pizza, you will experience the surreal view of a pizzaboy running around like crazy in an old colonial town...globalization, I suppose..